I’ve been there – a poem to the new mum

Hey, you with the eyes filled with fear and excitement.

I’ve been there.

Finding out you’re having a baby whether unplanned or expected,

Worrying whether your body will have it or reject it.

The morning sickness which isn’t morning sickness at all but all day into the night.

Is it me the issue? Is the baby ok, is it alright?

I’ve been there.

First scans. First appointments. First hearing of the heartbeat.

It’s magical. It’s beautiful. So fast and so sweet!

Planning the nursery. Planning what to put in the hospital bag. Thinking what pram to buy.

What could help soothe baby to sleep, to pacify?

I’ve been there.

There’s no rule book on how to raise a child even if you did buy a book!

Do I co-sleep? Buy a baby box? Use a Moses basket? I feel so stuck!

Just remember it will be worth every smile despite times you want to run a mile.

Nights and days mix into one it feels like just yesterday!

I’ve been there.

Do I breast, bottle or combine feed? What does it matter?

When all you want is to hear the pitter patter,

Of the little feet and to see the gummy smile,

Love you without hate, fear or denial.

I’ve been there.

There will be tested times,

especially when they learn to climb.

Or when they fall and be afraid

But you’ll be there to help them on their crusade.

I’ve been there.

The days after birth are challenging, hard and tiring

And each day you just can’t help but to stop, look and be admiring of that little face with the gummy smile.

You feel overwhelmed. Hair falling out. Boobs hurt. Pads on. Feeling like you’ve had an epic workout, ran a mile!

If you feel sad just remember the days aren’t all bad.

I’ve been there.

They learn to lift their head,

You wonder what’s next, whats ahead?

They learn to roll and learn to crawl,

Yes there will be laughter – you will have a ball.

I’ve been there.

A few knocks and scratches before they’ll walk.

They will cry and squawk before they’ll talk!

You will enjoy all their magical firsts,

Their quest for exploring and their thirst.

I’ve been there.


A poem about being a new parent, about it's ok.. We've all been there. #poetry #mumlife

12 thoughts on “I’ve been there – a poem to the new mum

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  1. All so true!
    And the decisions and the over-thinking continue right into our babies’ adulthood:
    Should I call or give them space?
    Do I offer to help, or let them figure it out on their own?
    We never stop loving, praying, and being a mum!

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