Treat Trunk Box – subscription Snack box for the whole family!


Treat Trunk launched in December 2018 and ran by a lovely lady called Sally (whose social details I’ve added at the bottom) and she’s married with two children!

“Treat Trunk was created with both children and parents in mind, to bring the family together. So each month we will include a selection of snacks specifically aimed at you parents too. These will be chosen for aspects particularly beneficial to you such as energy boosting, hormone balancing, relaxation etc

We at Treat Trunk aim to relieve some of the stress of parenting by providing healthy, delicious, nutritious and fun snack solutions for the whole family. In each Trunk you’ll find lunchbox, after school and on the go snacks as well as snacks chosen specifically with parents in mind for their health and wellbeing properties.

We strongly believe in self care for parents and having a box of goodness you can always rely on which comes replenished and full of surprises every month is invaluable.”

Eating unprocessed food is very beneficial but finding the time to prepare everything from scratch is not always easy!

Treat Trunk aim to relieve some of the stress of parenting (and general living) by providing yummy, nutritious and fun snack solutions for the whole family. In each Trunk you’ll find lunchbox, after school and on the go snacks as well as snacks chosen specifically with parents in mind for their health and wellbeing properties!

This company believe in self care for parents (and humans) so having a box of goodness you can always rely on, which comes replenished and full of surprises every month, is invaluable especially to a mother like myself!

One of the best aspects of the bars in the Treat Trunk is that it combines all of the benefits that a person can receive from a separate energy bar, protein bar and nutrition bar. As such, a high portion of the fiber and protein that you need daily can be found in a single organic snack bar. Protein and fiber are both essential nutrients in the body for growth, sustenance etc.

Protein is something that can be found in every aspect of a body and needs to be constantly replenished in order to keep a body strong. Fiber helps greatly in keeping your intestines clean and slowing the absorption of sugar into your body, which can keep a person from overeating.

For frequently asked questions just click here.


Treat Trunk


  • Exciting new treats to try!
  • Improved Digestion
  • Better concentration, clarity, alertness.
  • Encourage better sleep
  • Better emotional regulation
  • Hunger regulation and therefore healthy weight management.
  • Increased cognitive skills
  • More enjoyment of healthy food
  • Increased fitness levels as more energy.
  • Higher performance at work/school



First box we received

22 fabulous items from places like Brave Peas, Clearly Scrumptious, Moveena, Hoogly Tea and The Raw Chocolate company.

Such tasty items!!


bear yoyo
The children’s fave products! Pineapple Pure Fruit Yoyos
1 of your 5 a day
No added nonsense
Gluten free
No nut ingredients
Vegan friendly
Kosher – KLBD
Down in the Big Cave, BEAR gently bakes pineapple yoyos. Delicious pure fruit rolls with no added sugar or concentrates.



Second box we received

Some amazing products from companies such as Nakd, Hippeas, Naturya, SavourMe, Lions Raw and Perry Court Farm which I’ve added links to in case you were curious about the individual products!


treat trunk
Healthy snacks for everyone!


chock chick plainatin bites
This tastes amazing! Freeze dried plantain pieces covered in raw chocolate.
Made using Ecuadorian single origin cacao.
35% less sugar than chocolate raisins.
Cocoa solids 60% minimum.


I have also done a previous vlog on Raduga Tea and sampling them and they came in both boxes!



There are three awesome subscription options that you can sign up to varying on what you want in size, budget, regularity –

Monthly Treat Adventure – 1 Trunk every month (£35.99 a month)

Quarterly Treat Adventure – 1 Trunk every 3 months (£35.99 every 3 months)

Monthly Mini Treat Adventure – 1 Mini Trunk every month (£19.99 every month)

They take payment immediately and then on that same date each month or quarter. If your sign up date falls on the last day of the month, payment will always be taken on the last day of the month whether that be 31st, 30th, 29th or 28th.

The payment cut off date for each month’s box is the last day of the previous month.

Subscriptions are easy to amend and cancel so don’t worry about awkward explanations or a difficult process if you change your mind! Just head to the My Account section and choose the relevant option.

They also offer one off ‘gift’ Treat Trunks for people who want another Trunk or for a gift to give.The ‘gift’ Treat Trunks are £23.99 or £39.99 each, come with optional gift wrapping and you’ll get 10% off if you are a subscriber (being part of the Treat Trunk family always comes with

The ‘gift’ Treat Trunks are £23.99 or £39.99 each, come with optional gift wrapping and you’ll get 10% off if you are a subscriber (being part of the Treat Trunk family always comes with more treats!)

Whether subscription or a gift, give the name(s) of the people who will be enjoying the Trunk so they can personalise the Trunk.

They keep the contents of each box a secret for those that like to be surprised but they can give full details before you purchase –

You can change or cancel your subscription at any time via the My Account page.




Look for the following guidelines in the nutrition information panel:

  • Calories – 100-150 calories per bar
  • Sugar – 5-10 grams per bar, or less than 10 grams per 100 grams.
  • Fibre – more than three grams per serve.
  • Sodium/salt – less than 120mg per 100 grams.
  • Protein – 10 grams per 100 grams
  • Saturated fat – less than two grams per 100 grams
  • High fibre content is also crucial, as fibre helps keep us feel full for longer and our digestive system healthy.
  • To choose high fibre, look for more than three grams per serving and for sugar, you want as low in sugar as possible. They say no more than around 5-10 grams per bar, just because that’s equalling about 1-2 teaspoons of sugar. If it can be less than that, amazing.
  • The sodium content in muesli bars can also creep up, so make sure you look for low salt options. And if you want your snack bar to be extra filling, opt for one with lots of protein.
  • Low salt is also important – less than 120mg per 100 grams is meant to be good!
  • They aim for an appropriate amount of protein which is around 10 grams depending on what the ingredients are.

I’ve done some research and found information from Healthy Eating and NHS Website.


Details they’ve also added to their site – Sugar Sensible is the term they like to use for applying common sense to nutrition and overall wellbeing and using good judgement as they initially wanted to make the boxes sugar free but also wanted to include children however they are open to suggestions on what they should do in boxes and there will be specific boxes such as paleo, vegan, nut free at some point in the future.

This is what is on their site in regards to this:

“Cane sugar itself is a natural ingredient and when consumed in its raw state has a much lower GI than refined cane sugar as well as some beneficial nutrients. 

We discovered many excellent snacks suitable for families that contained sugar but in a much lower amount than regular sweets and also with balanced macros (fats and/or proteins alongside the carbs), which helps stabilise your blood sugar and prevent spiking.

We take a holistic approach to health in that we consider the overall health of a product when all the ingredients are taken into consideration and that meant that some products with a small amount of refined sugar could be considered healthier than others with a higher, unrefined sugar content.”



My children and I have loved the two boxes we have received it’s like christmas in a box!

Packaging wise it’s very appealing to myself and the children with how the box is delivered as I love how it appears as a trunk with vibrant colours, you then open to more bright colours which again is visually appealing and encouraging to open. The stickers that declare ‘out with the junk,’ ‘reduce sugar,’ ‘sugar sensible’ and so on have been attentively placed to the packaging and complete the whole design.

It’s also fun not to know what you are receiving as it makes the whole unboxing more fun!

On to the food! The most important bit! I think that by implementing organic, vegan, diary free, sugar sensible snack bars into your diet, you can receive a huge portion of the necessary vitamins and minerals needed daily by merely eating one bar instead of reaching for unhealthy snacks when you need a quick sugar rush! While you might expect that those type of bars would contain a lot of calories, snack bars are typically found to be at a calorie count of 150-250, which is low for such a fulfilling food. 

For the children they have favoured the Bear Nibbles, Nakd bars and Scrummies perhaps due to the colourful packaging as well as flavour and the chocolate despite it being dark chocolate my 4 year old son and 1 year old have loved! The Scrummies have very strong flavours which are sweet so therefore a winner.

I’ve also included a link if you were curious as to calorie intake necessary for children click here and I’ve added another link on calories for adults.

I think what I most enjoyed was the 108 Rhythm Praline Bar and in the first box the Squebs as never tried or heard of them before so nice to be introduced to new food items.

It’s great how Treat Trunk is created with both children and parents in mind, to bring the family together with each month including a selection of treats specifically aimed at grown ups too! Chosen for aspects beneficial such as energy boosting, hormone balancing, relaxation etc.

In regards to receiving a monthly box I would also hope that by purchasing less boxes you would also be helping save paper waste and money on individual products – many people are looking more and more towards living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainability is generally meant as a form of eating healthier, protecting the environment and supporting farmers all over the world by purchasing products from farmers that work specifically to harvest sustainable foods and the Treat Trunk Box had inside a Tropical Fair Trade fruit bar in so it’s nice they also purchased this type of product – more about Fair Trade here.

There is also in the second box a Lions Raw product and this Lion hearted bar gives 10% of the sale price to the global white lion protection trust which is also just so great!

While some of the most common sustainable food products include fresh fish and produce, organic snack bars typically fall under the sustainable category as well, only utilizing ingredients that have been classified as sustainable.

When you’re out looking for easy snack bars, you notice immediately just how many variations are out there and available for you to purchase. In fact, not only are there a tonne of different flavors, there are also more than a few different types of textures that you will encounter, including chewy, crunchy and soft chew, as well as certain bars that combine a couple textures in one.

Some of the most common flavors and ingredients within a snack bar include almonds, coconut, cherry, dark chocolate, pomegranate, blueberry, pecan, apricot and much more, meaning you’ll never get bored with the choices you have – in the Treat Trunk boxes I have received there are vegan, gluten free and dairy free and they do NOT lack in flavour at all!

One of the best advantages of trying snack bars is that all of the ingredients are healthy for you in moderation and even the bars that contain dark chocolate only use a small and organic amount that can actually improve a persons health as there are no hidden ingredients, preservatives or artificial sweeteners of any kind, only organic flavors and ingredients! (Such as the amazing Lions Raw chocolate which ingredients are Cacao Solids 60% Minimum, Rice Syrup, Cacao Butter, Cacao Powder, Coconut Butter, Wild Carob , Essential Oils Of Lemon, Grapefruit And Lime, Cinnamon, Himalayan Salt)

I also love the inclusion of new forms of drink to try such as coconut water and herbal tea!
Herbal teas are all the rage for the many medicinal qualities they are supposed to possess as it’s claimed they can help with everything from easing a cold and indigestion to fighting infection and nausea. When choosing a herbal tea remedy, make sure you pick the right one as while fruit flavoured teas – such as rosehip, apple and orange – tend to be delicious, they are developed for their flavouring more than anything else. Herbal teas on the other hand, such as thyme, peppermint and ginger have greater therapeutic virtues but lets face it hydration is key and you may as well enjoy what you drink!

So, overall the box is a 10/10 to me! Full disclosure I was gifted these items but opinions are my own and my children’s.


Yummy liquorice – Liquorice has been believed to possess curative, even mystical powers. Liquorice has in the past been used to protect against evil spirits, and it has served as a remedy for stomach pains, cough and lung infections. Today fortunately you can get liquorice from the shelves of stores, without the need of pretending to be ill. 

Treat Trunk social sites






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  1. I’m genuinely surprised by how full of treats these boxes are! I’ve had boxes from other companies where you look a the contents and wonder where your money went! I’m really intrigued, might have to have a go at this one myself. Thank you for being so thorough #KCACOLS

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  2. We’ve been trying a few somewhat healthier snacks here too lately (sadly not gifted though, this time ;-)). The Bear Yo-yo’s are a fave, especially the blackcurrant ones, out of what we’ve tried so far. I also tray to suggest fruit whenever a need for snacking arises (which is often!), and as long as I can provide grapes or green apples, that tends to work pretty well. Carrot sticks and chunky pepper slices are also good options here 🙂 x #KCACOLS

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  3. This looks amazing, we’re big fans of the fruit yo-yos here! What a great way to encourage healthier snacking too!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #triumphantTales. I hope to see you back tomorrow!

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  4. This is a neat idea. I would love something like this. My little girl is so picky I feel like I buy a box and end up not using it. To have various items to try would be fun. #bloggerclubUK


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