INTIMINA – be KegelSmart, ladies!


Intimina is a Swedish brand that offers the first and only range of products dedicated exclusively to all aspects of women’s intimate health.

Their mission is to provide a comprehensive collection of products and information for women at every stage of life, from the first menstruation to beyond menopause.

In their commitment to enhancing intimate wellness, Intimina formed a Medical Advisory Board to offer advice and support in developing each of their products. With specialties ranging from gynecology to pelvic floor health, they are also integral in their efforts to provide reliable facts and information on their blog – a health and wellness resource written exclusively for women.


As a global brand available in major pharmacy chains, medical offices, and online, Intimina has established itself as an essential part of women’s intimate well-being. Their vision is to make it easy for women, regardless of their location or age, to access reliable information and solutions for all their intimate health needs!


  • The Menstrual Care line, the first of its kind, is a line of products that offer you the confidence, hygiene and comfort that we ladies need during our period.
  • The Intimina product range covers two essential areas of intimate care:
    The Pelvic Floor Strengthening line is designed to help women prevent and overcome pelvic floor disorders, as well as tone and tighten their intimate area.



I received the KegelSmart Personal Trainer and as described on their site just like a personal trainer, it sets a routine that is simple to follow, safe to use, and completely tailored to your individual needs.


KegelSmart™ is the easiest and smartest way to incorporate a regular Kegel exercise routine into your schedule that will rapidly build strength!


KegelSmart is the first personal trainer for your pelvic floor, offering a whole new way to do your Kegel exercises. Setting you a routine that is simple to follow, safe to use and completely tailored to your individual needs, KegelSmart is Kegel exercising made easy.

Get stronger, healthier pelvic floor muscles with the easiest Kegel coach ever! KegelSmart uses touch sensor technology to register your pelvic floor strength and then sets the perfect exercise routine for you. All you have to do is: contract when it vibrates and rest when it stops.

Developed with gynecologists and made with the smoothest medical grade silicone, KegelSmart gives you an expert pelvic floor workout in less than 5 minutes a day!

  • Simple/intuitive 1 button interface (just turn it on, insert, and follow the vibrations).
  • Automatically provides Kegel exercise routines perfectly suited to your strength level.
  • 5 progressive training levels.
  • Complete workout perfect for your level in less than 5 minutes.
  • Tracks your progress with LED light.
  • Waterproof.
  • Requires 1 AAA battery (not included).

With time, your pelvic floor muscles will get more toned and stronger and your vaginal tightness will significantly improve.  

Having strong pelvic  floor muscles can help:

  • Improve bladder and bowel control.
  • Reduce the risk of prolapse.
  • Improve recovery from childbirth and gynecological surgery.
  • Increase sexual sensation and orgasmic potential.

Suitable for

  • Women who want to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.
  • Women who experience urine leaks/incontinence .
  • Women who are preparing for pregnancy.
  • Women who are recovering from pregnancy.
  • Women who are approaching or in menopause.
  • Women who want to improve sexual sensations.

How to use

All you have to do is contract when it vibrates and rest when it stops.


  • 100% medical-grade silicone and ABS plastic, PVC retraction cord.
  • All body-safe, hypo allergenic, no latex, BPA or phthalates.

The following is information from the NHS Website as I feel it’s important to know correct facts about your vagina!


“Your vagina probably won’t return completely to its pre-birth shape, but this shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re worried, talk to your health visitor or GP.

“We always recommend pelvic floor exercises,” Dr Elneil says. Pelvic floor exercises, sometimes called Kegel exercises, help tone the vaginal muscles and your pelvic floor muscles.

This will help prevent urine leaking (incontinence) and can help your vagina feel firmer.

It’s not uncommon for women to experience incontinence after childbirth, but pelvic floor exercises can help limit this. They can also help sex feel better.

You can do pelvic floor exercises anywhere and at any time, either sitting or standing up:

  • squeeze and draw in your anus at the same time, and close up and draw your vagina upwards
  • do it quickly, tightening and releasing the muscles immediately
  • then do it slowly, holding the contractions for as long as you can, but no more than 10 seconds, before you relax
  • repeat each exercise 10 times, 4 to 6 times a day

You may find it helps to imagine you’re stopping a bowel movement, holding in a tampon or stopping yourself urinating.

You could fit the exercises in while washing up, queuing in the supermarket or watching TV.”



Your pelvic muscles sit beneath all of your internal organs. They even support a baby as it grows inside of your uterus. They are known as Levator muscles, which means that when they contract they raise your pelvic floor.

You can learn to identify these muscles by squeezing while you are trying to urinate. The muscles that stop the flow of urine are your pelvic muscles and these are the same muscles that help you control your bowel movements.

Your pelvic muscles can become weak if you’ve had a child or just haven’t exercised them throughout your life. Luckily, they can be strengthened by doing Kegels and other pelvic floor exercises.


KEGELS CAN APPARENTLY IMPROVE YOUR ABILITY TO REACH ORGASM (can’t relate to that read this I’ve never orgasmed and that’s okay / Sex Chat)


Orgasms can be hit or miss even when you have really good sex, getting to the big O can be difficult. In fact according to this article only 25% of women report that they consistently climax during intercourse.

That leaves a lot of ladies wishing for just bit more. Though very few women can orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone, it’s said increase your odds by strengthening your pelvic floor.

Doing Kegels helps to tighten your pubococcygeal (PC) muscle, which is one of the muscles that contracts during orgasm. Though orgasmic contractions are voluntary, the more toned they are the easier it is for your body to use those muscles for orgasms but of course I can’t comment on any of this as personal experience so this is just research.


When you do these unobtrusive Kegel exercises, you’re helping to tone and strengthen your vaginal muscles. In addition to that, you’re increasing the amount of blood flow to your vagina. This is a key element of arousal. Similar to how many women are more sexually aroused during their periods, the blood flow that happens when you do Kegel exercises can contribute to how interested in sex you feel.

One of the signs of a weak pelvic floor is a lack of sensitivity around your vaginal opening. Doing Kegels helps to strengthen your pelvic floor, make your genitals more sensitive and can even increase your natural lubrication.


One non physical thing that Kegels are great for is boosting your confidence. When you feel good about your body – inside and out – it will show in different areas of your life. Since we’re talking about sex, it’s good to note that sexual confidence is a big benefit. When you feel tighter and more toned and are becoming sexually aroused more easily, it’s more likely that you’re going to feel interested in having sex.

Because sex and orgasms release chemicals like oxytocin into your brain, you’re likely to feel calmer, happier and of course, more confident.


Many women don’t realize that doing Kegels every day can improve the quality of sex that they have. If you’ve had a baby, have a weak pelvic floor from chronic coughing, or just want to improve what you were born with, contracting your pelvic muscles will help strengthen the entire area and can make sex feel more pleasurable.

Kegels aren’t just for tightening and toning your vagina, though. If you’ve experienced painful intercourse doing Kegel exercises regularly can help you learn to relax your pelvic floor.

Oh, and let’s not forget the benefits to your sexual partner as doing Kegels can help him have a better sexual experience too. You can even do Kegels during intercourse as some men have reported that they can orgasm just from their partner contracting and releasing their pelvic muscles around their penis.


You can buy this product from Boots, Amazon, CurrentBody, LookFantastic and of course their site.

INTIMINA KegelSmart Pelvic Floor Toner


I’ve been using the SmartKegel and building up my vaginal strength and so glad I’ve been able to review this product! It has the basic design and is a standalone product.

You push a button on the side, stick it inside you and squeeze when you feel it vibrate. It has an attached loop you pull to get it back out and it lets you know how you’re progressing via a flashing light on the side (indicating what level you’ve achieved). 

The nice thing about the SmartKegel is that it’s subtle and I have actually cheekily tried using it out the house (why not) without anyone knowing.

The loop is no more obtrusive than a tampon string and the rest sits comfortably inside you. 

I’ve had a lot of ladies see my Instagram stories and enquire about this product for many reasons whether post baby, incontinence or just wanting to strengthen the vaginal walls and there’s no shame in wanting to do so! I’ve found this product has helped strengthen and I’m lucky I have no incontinence issues but I have had 3 children and I worried it just wouldn’t be as strong ‘down there’ but now feel quite confident in it’s work out ability!

Also will mention I’m glad its a case of a simple 1 AAA battery battery as it’s so annoying when a product arrives and it runs out and requires a specialist, expensive battery!

I also like how it has a sweet little bag to put it in, easy instructions and at a price you would expect from something like this but shop around to find deals out there.


Check them out on social media – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

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  1. I have been very lucky and have never had any issues with my pelvic floor, but many of my friends did post childbirth. One of them has just been telling me about how effective this device is. Thank you for sharing it, and your review, with the Hearth and Soul Link Party. It’s good to talk about issues like this!

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