FOREO ISSA 2 Electric Toothbrush Review

Hi guys!

I’ve been using the ISSA 2 for the last month and I want to share my thoughts about it. Learn more about it in my detailed review and find out if I like it or not!


FOREO – short for ‘For Every One’ – is a new brand name to me! It does not resonate as well as the likes of the more household known brands of Braun and Philips, but slowly they are making a name for themselves.
A Swedish firm, they began trading in 2013 having created a beauty product.
The future thinking company has grown from strength to strength; winning best beauty awards, developing new products and being stocked internationally in some of the most premium retail outlets such as Harrods, Boots, Look Fantastic, Selfridges and so on!


“For too long, professional-level treatments have been the privilege of the wealthy few. That’s not right, and it’s a situation that’s changing as fast as our team tears down old-fashioned designs and creates new technologies at sensible prices for all.
That’s also why we’re called FOREO, short for “For Every One.” It’s because we strive to create groundbreaking, accessible solutions that bring happiness and benefit to everyday lives.”

What I received

An ISSA 2 toothbrush! The package arrived in lightning fast speed, only taking TWO DAYS from FOREO saying they’d send it to reaching the front door!

ISSA 2 in her package, mint color

The Brush: There was an on/off switch with a + and – to increase and decrease intensity as required.

USB Charger: The USB charging cable measures at 52cm – this connector is at the end of a USB cable that connects to a USB socket on your computer, a USB equipped mains adapter or similar.

Travel Pouch: A white leather case and fits the toothbrush perfectly when the brush head is at the bottom. The White leather pouch is stitched on the base and side, leaving access only from the top. Just slide the brush in and out of the pouch, when inserted bottom first the top will stick out.

Scratch Magnet: The magnetic scratch card was to register the product on the website for any future warranty claims.


Watch my youtube Demonstration 


What is the FOREO ISSA 2

An amazing, innovative toothbrush design! It is a brush focused on design and providing a decent clean to your teeth – it looks different and boasts an incredible battery life.
It combines Sonic Pulse Technology with a revolutionary silicone design for a brushing experience unlike any other I’ve ever tried.
The soft silicone brush head resists bacteria buildup while comfortably massaging the gums as it prevents over brushing, ISSA 2 won’t cause gum recession or damage delicate tooth enamel. In synch with your oral health, this silicone electric toothbrush is gentle enough for even the most sensitive teeth and gums.
The quick drying, non porous silicone that resists bacteria buildup, the ISSA 2 electric toothbrush is ultra hygienic, carrying up to 10,000x less bacteria than conventional nylon bristled brushes.
Lightweight, portable and easily charged via USB, it’s an ideal choice for globetrotters too!


replacement brush head of ISSA 2 in mint color

Key features:
• Sonic Pulse Technology channels up to 11,000 high-intensity pulsations per minute.
• 2x the sonic power.
• Brush head combines silicone and PBT polymer bristles, strong on plaque but gentle on gums.
• 16 adjustable cleansing modes.
• 365 days of brushing per 1 hour charge.
• USB-chargeable, no charging dock required.
• Compact, ergonomic, lightweight, ideal for travel.
• Durable, hygienic brush head lasts twice as long as nylon toothbrushes.
• Silicone is ultra hygienic, hypoallergenic, body-safe and quick-drying.
• Easy to clean and prevents bacteria build-up.
• 100% waterproof, for regular use in bath or shower.
• Every 30 seconds an interval timer prompts you to brush a new quadrant of the mouth.

issa 2


The idea is that you divide your teeth into quadrants and spend 30 seconds for each quarter for a total of two minutes brushing time. At 30 second intervals a pause in the motor and a flash of the light on the bottom of the brush signals it’s time to change quadrant. These 4 are the upper right, upper left, bottom right and bottom left.

After the two minutes it will pulse three times to signal the end and will switch off after three minutes to prevent overuse.

At the recommended 2 minutes, the motion of the brush head will pause 3 times and the LED light will flash. It will then remain on until the brush turns off at 3 minutes automatically to reduce the chance of over brushing. You can of course turn it off, by pressing the power button at 2 minutes.

1. Apply Toothpaste as normal with your regular toothpaste and turn the ISSA 2 on.
2. Brush your teeth in the same way as you would with a manual toothbrush for 2 minutes using circular movements.
3. Rinse your mouth and the ISSA 2 with water.

User manual click here.


What is the Scratch Card Magnet

• Log in to your FOREO account and visit Support section of their site.
• Input your SCRATCH CARD number and you will be able to complete your PRODUCT REGISTRATION and activate your SCRATCH CARD CODE.
• You can see all your REGISTERED PRODUCTS in your user profile under the WARRANTY CLAIM tab.
• Visit to create your FOREO ACCOUNT and complete your PRODUCT REGISTRATION with just one click!
• Input your SCRATCH CARD number.
• Input your personal information as prompted to get:
1. a. Your FOREO ACCOUNT (You will get special email after creating your account, so please check your email and change your password).
c. Your SCRATCH CARD CODE activate!


Overall thoughts

So, as mentioned I’ve been using this for the last month now and it’s fantastic! From initial use you have a dentist feel polish!


UPDATE: after 3 months use the battery died and won’t charge, however customers do get replacements and actually has worked as a manual. I’m not entitled to a replacement as I didn’t purchase the item.


UPDATE: After a few months I no longer use this product at all or bought one to replace it but it worked great while it worked. When I emailed them to say it was broken all I recieved back was “you shouldn’t clean it with acetone” – I never cleaned it with acetone, it just broke. My advice is – if you buy it, it’s great while it works but make sure you sign up to get a replacement if it breaks. I have since bought a different toothbrush from a different brand and never bought a replacement one because for the price you should expect it to just work.


You will see from the images that the ISSA 2 does not have the typical electric toothbrush look, here are some pros and cons:


• Low maintenance – I think it’s incredible that one hour charge lasts up to 365 uses, with no bulky charging dock to clutter up your bathroom shelf.
• After using the ISSA 2, and then going back to my regular toothbrush, I’m so glad I’ve now got this as my teeth feel cleaner and more polished
• Healthier – the non-porous silicone material resists bacteria buildup which is why it doesn’t need to be changed out as often
• Lightweight and easy to carry plus every ISSA 2 comes with a 2-Year Limited Warranty and a 10 year Quality Guarantee.
• The ISSA 2 has the ability to lock the brush, meaning the brush can’t be accidentally activated. This is a novel feature – you need to press and hold the + and – button at the same time for about 3 seconds to lock or unlock it. The light will shine once it is locked or unlocked.
• It’s waterproof, with a sealed charging port, so can be used in the shower if that’s your thing!
• It’s a great investment if you can afford it.
• The brush can also be locked for travel so it won’t spontaneously switch on inside your bags. To lock or unlock just push the + and – at the same time.



  • Broke within a month of using it, I didn’t realise what the scratch card was for and I have no replacement.
  • There is nothing drastically wrong with this brush other than the cost which alot may feel is too pricey when you can buy a standard manual brush for a £1. So, price and functionality will put some off and whilst technically electric, it feels like somewhat of a crossover between this and a manual brush.
  • I can’t see the benefit of 16 different settings although it’s amazing it can. You can detect the subtle power/speed differences, but it can be a bit of a faff to press the + and – buttons to change it. It is a lot of clicks if you want to go from the lowest to the highest setting for example.
  • I like how it charges via USB, no bulky stand, it need not be on charge for a whole day and it is suitable for those who do not have power in their bathroom but why not use a microUSB connection or USB Type C, something that is a bit more universal and does not need the proprietary cable.



You can also buy from Boots.


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  1. This looks great. I have been using a normal toothbrush for a while because my old electric one has broken and I have been putting off getting a new one because it is such a hassle to think about which electric one to get. thank you for this review. Pen x #thesatsesh

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      1. The Play Plus is amazing! I use it along with a face cleanser to wash and also remove my makeup and it does the job better than a makeup remover wipe. It really has the power to clean your face really well and I went for the small one because it’s price was way more accessible than the bigger version that does the same thing.


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