Binxy Baby shopping trolley Hammock! Shopping made easier.

What is a Binxy Baby?

So, this blog post is to talk about a cool, innovative design – The Binxy Baby all the way from the USA! Lots of parents the issue face when going shopping with a newborn – where do you put the items in a full trolley as when shopping with a baby, you have them and the baby bag too, it gets pretty cramped! You could put them in their car seat but then where does the shopping go? What if you have another child? Shopping alone? You could wear them but from experience after an hour of carrying a heavy load (my son) my back hated me.

That is where the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock comes in. The Binxy Baby Trolley hammock is basically a hammock for your trolley! 

Plain and simple.

The hammock can be used with a newborn carseat or with just your little one. I’m a mum of three but this trolley hammock does offer variability if you have multiples, you can use it as well!

The Hammock is easy to set up as the velcro straps need to be fastened from end to end in the shopping cart after clipping on each side, then you place and buckle your baby inside the hammock.

Here are a few fun facts about the Hammock

  • Fits most standard trolley
  • Holds car seat and supports up to 50 lbs in weight 
  • Used for babies until they are able to sit up on their own 
  • Safety tested   
  • Get it in 7 different colours and prints


What we received

binxy baby
Received this monochrome triangles design plus information.



I wish I had this for my first child 8 years ago!



“The founder”

As a busy mom of three (now four), Lisa Pinnell was doing her big “stock-up” shopping with a toddler and newborn a few years ago, and realized she had a problem. She needed to fill her cart with a week’s worth of groceries, but could not, for the life of her, figure out a safe way to contain two kids while doing so. She tried everything: A sling, a stroller, even two carts. She tried putting the entire infant car seat down in the grocery cart but had to cut her trip short when she couldn’t find the baby under the piles of bread and coffee. Nothing worked!”





The Binxy Baby shopping trolley hammock IS AMAZING! From experience of going out and about with this I can’t find a downside other than I want to fit in one. I’m so glad we were gifted this item (all thoughts and opinions are my own though!)

When I had my first baby I didn’t have worries about shopping as such but being a single parent it can be a very exhausting experience, I had anxiety about how I would leave the house to run standard jobs with three kids by myself and the thought of shopping with all of them alone concerned me as there’s always one child running off or one arguing wanting to sit in the trolley seat so this is perfect because you are able to have the baby in the trolley, another child in the seat, you don’t need to push multiple prams or trolleys – which keeps your hands free and still have space for all your items.

As mentioned in the vlog the hammock safely secures on to the frame of the cart and then you can either place your baby in the hammock and secure them or place them in their car seat in the hammock. Their product has passed numerous safety tests and certifications plus is fully compliant with the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). A secure seat harness and infant carrier strap ensures your baby and carrier stays put throughout – plastic clips and velcro ensures the hammock stays securely fastened to the cart at all times.

Binxy Baby Safety

Since it is a hammock, it hangs above the cart and leaves plenty of space for all of your items underneath. Then, when you are done, you can easily fold up the hammock so if you just leave it in the car it doesn’t take up any space so you can take out easily and put on a trolley easy – the flexible fabric allows for easy rolling and simple assembly. Although… You have too much space so that’s my excuse as to why I spent more than I should!

The natural incline protects their neck and spine and they use soft fabric free of toxic materials for your baby’s long term health and wellbeing – it’s also made from 97% cotton in beautiful patterns and sewn with double layer upholstery fabric.

If you are looking for a unique gift for someone who is having a baby or who has then the Binxy hammock is perfect! Plus if you have a little one, you should purchase one yourself. I promise you, you will love it! Literally had so many comments each time I’ve been out with this, my baby has loved the attention and can see everyone easily as she lays their chilling out!

So, 100% would recommend, 100% good value, 100% good quality.

It’s also great they’ve won awards for their design.




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Check out their Website, Instagram and Facebook and Amazon Prime UK (although they do sell on the American Amazon!)


Binxy Baby

12 thoughts on “Binxy Baby shopping trolley Hammock! Shopping made easier.

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  1. This is so cute and so much better than the plastic built in options you can sometimes find in supermarkets. I can’t wait to be an auntie and buy these things for my sister

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  2. How amazing is this product? I love this idea. I’m sure lots of mums would find it such a lifesaver!


  3. Oh my goodness what an amazing idea! I wish I had had this 3 months ago when my little one couldn’t sit in the trolley!! #ThatFridayLinky

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