8 favourite high street beauty products!

Today I interviewed a woman who has self made herself go up from the bottom and working her way up to the top in her self esteem. A woman who was a size 20 and now a 12. A woman who lost her father yet still continues despite much sadness and now is into beauty, a carer and living with her partner in the UK – Ms Sammi who lost around 4 stone in weight and finding ways to enhance her confidence in beauty products – I have had a chat with her on her opinions on makeup which she has suggested her favourite eight cheaper version beauty brands.






Her views on beauty products

What are your EIGHT favourite high street beauty products to recommend for people?

1. “Revlon colourstay foundation.”

2. “Maybelline cream puff powder.”

3. “Nyx blusher.”

4. “Primark eyebrow pencil.”

5. “Primark highlighter.”

6. “Maybelline – porefessional – a drugstore dupe of benefit and it’s amazing!”

7. “ Maybelline sensational – helps make eyelashes look longer!”

8. “Lipkit is something I’m trying for the first time so can’t rate that yet. I’ve always used Jeffery star but can’t afford that at the moment.”


What are you’re favourite more expensive brand of make up?
1. “Estée Lauder double wear.”
2. “Mac prolong concealer.”
3. “Urban decay powder.”

urban decay

4. “Jeffrey star lipsticks are amazing but I’d say that’s high end too – they can be found as a normal lipstick or a liquid lipstick both for sale on beautybay! The normal lipsticks are around £16.50.”
5. “Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade is amazing too but again high end not drugstore but is only £19 – so not too expensive!”
6. “Anastasia Beverly Hills sugar Glow Kit.”


What kind of coverage do you prefer from foundation?
“Full coverage and one what isn’t chalky round the nose as got very oily nose and cheek patches – it sucks! Always looking for a mix up, so might end up changing foundation I’d love to try fenty beauty by Rihanna or kat Von D lock it foundation both full coverage.but both not drugstore.”


Do you remember your first makeup item?
“My first makeup item was a £1 lipgloss barbie pink when I was a child, then maybelline matte mousse then when I first started to get into makeup as an adult it was Jeffery Star lipstick.”


What do you love about makeup?
“What I love about makeup is that when I was at my lowest it felt like I could paint a happy face on – that’s the reason I did do it and if I’m honest sometimes it’s still the reason when I have hard days but now it’s a big confidence thing with me is if I wear makeup I feel attractive, sexy and feel like a person yet without it I feel like a nobody invisible and ugly without makeup so a big confidence boost for me.”


Do you ever consider taking makeup classes?
“Yes I’d take makeup classes but feel there can be too much pressure on perfection. There’s always space to learn in every aspect.”


What brand do you think has the best packaging?
“Jeffery star packaging is amazing it’s bright pink with a gold star.”


Do you like multifunctional products like lip and cheek stains?
“Nope, I use different things not two in one, cheeks for example, I very rarely use blusher and lip stain but more highlighter than anything and not on eyes.”


What do you apply first, concealer or foundation?
“Foundation first then concealer.”


How do you spread the cost and what ‘tools’ do you use to apply?

“I get foundation every pay day – I buy two powders and then maybe other bits. Last payday I got highlighter, eyebrow pencils, brush, eye shadow and blending sponges. Already got my list for payday coming – can’t wait as my shopping list is getting longer! I use to spend £32.50 on foundation now I spend £10.99. Powder used to be £25.50 now £6.99 but I have a very long wish list from primark as the products are actually really good for me.
Brush wise is real techniques brushes – powder. Highlighter.and blend brush. Then real techniques beauty blender but at the moment I’m using primarks cheaper version!”


What products do you use to relax?





Thank you for your insight to beauty products, Sammi!

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