Oscar – Starting his new chapter BIG SCHOOL!


Been sorting out my son for when he starts school FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!

He starts next week and won’t lie I’m slightly nervous as well as a bit gutted – he’s my one and only boy I remember giving birth to him, his first word, his little face when he rolled over for the the first time, the moment he met his sister and peed on her. And now he’s four. He’s starting school. He’s literally the most loudest, curious child in the world so I know school will be good for him to put his mind to something but at the same time I just feel a bit deflated.

I feel worried as he’s my first (possibly) only son and I feel it’s too soon yet at the same time I do know school will be good for him, he’ll progress quick and learn. I’m not the kind of mum who doesn’t want her child to grow up. If anything, I’m the opposite. When my son was a baby, I willed time to move faster so that I could have a fun toddler to spend time with rather than a ‘I’m giving nothing back to you’ newborn baby.

Bought his shoes from Clarks – he’s even got PE shoes! He has a full new set of personalised items from Funky Pigeon plus labelled his items with Stikets! Hes now 3 stone worth of a 4 year old; recites the alphabet, snitches on his sister, tells people not to be negative and can sometimes be a giant pan in the arse but my days we love him! 

I love having chats with him and being surprised at what he knows – they are the people we care most about in the world and want to protect the most so it would be surprising if we didn’t worry! 
I know they grow so fast and starting big school is just another chapter.
Today you are you
That’s truer than TRUE
There is no one alive who is you-er than YOU
Dr Seuss


I had my beautiful baby boy ‘Oscar Dexter’ on May 23rd weighing 9lb 3oz size 56 cm head 95th percentile. (Very big!) 7.13pm on a Friday and to get him out was such a struggle but I achieved it. 
He’s an inquisitive, active, hilarious and rambunctious child.

Even had a baby shower









CHECK OUT HOW HIS FIRST YEAR WENT: How did Oscars first year at school go?

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  1. He’s such a cutie! Doesn’t time fly though, it can be hard watching those baby years disappear into the past, but the memories remain, and there is so much more to look forward too. x

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