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The potty training experience with my son has been very different to that with my daughter – she was dry at night eighteen months and dry in the day by two and a half years  I had no issues or questions with her, she just did it. My son is four in two months and was fully dry in the day age three but still can wet the bed so what I do is buy bed time pants but I’ve tried alsorts from waking him up at certain times (he ends up half asleep and upset then refusing to wee) to EVERYTHING waterproof (all you could hear was rustling sheets – annoying) the health visitor said I over mothered him which I wasn’t impressed by and regardless it’s just a phase of their lives and all things come to an end so does potty training so best thing to always remember is patience, buy lots of toilet wipes and anti bac!

Remember some problems that may occur are:
Problem 1: You are ready. Your toddler is not.
Problem 2: Having minor setbacks – like having another child.
Problem 3: Fear of the toilet – its a new step forward!
Problem 4: Fear of flushing – we used to say “bye bye Mr Poopy.”
Problem 5: Public bathrooms – they like routine.
Problem 6: Accidents (they do happen).



This was Eva-Beatrix age four all sorted on the toilet and in reception! Used to like taking things along with her!



Oscar at two and a half looking dapper on his potty!



My nana even bought him the i-potty where you put the iPad in however was a waste of money and personally wouldn’t recommend them. Normal toilet and time is all that’s needed. (He actually liked just peeing freely outside)


Also remember children are human too! I’m an adult and achieved this last year:



The best advice anyone should give is to give it time – unless of course there’s a mental or physical issues then I’d suggest visiting a GP. Click NHS potty training advice for more tips! Plus even print out some other potty training reward charts!

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  1. I don’t miss those days. Little Man did ace at his training and then regressed. Sure enough, he decided the time was right a week before he started nursery – cue my major panic! But he went straight back to it like a pro. They really do know when they are ready. Half of it is to not stress about it. Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales, do come back next week.

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  2. Our 21 month old randomly grabbed my hand this weekend and asked to go potty, pulled me to the bathroom and went! It was a completely random act that we were surprised by and thought was a fluke, until she did it at least once a day for the last 4 days! We’ll see if she sticks to it, but she may be a young potty trainer! We shall see! Thanks for the fab tips! Just in time!

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  3. I love this! Reminds me of training my two all those years ago – it was somewhat easier with my daughter than with my son. Rosie x

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