Bemama – product review.

The products I’ve been sent to review! Intensive cream. Lifting Serum for Breasts and Arms. Ultra Intensive Flat Tummy.

Added the package opening to my Twitter too click here.

Whats in the products

BemamaUK products are rich in vitamins and natural ingredients – they are made to best meet your needs during pregnancy and after childbirth – even for sensitive skin.

Some ingredients used are Horse Chestnut, Vitamin E, Coffee Seeds Oil, Coffee extract, Karite Butter and Trehalose. High amounts of Vitamin E and other essential nutrients help to soothe skin and minimize the appearance of cellulite.

  • Horse chestnut is a traditional remedy for varicose and fragile veins.
  • Karite butter protects and moisturizes the skin and hair – it also has a wrinkle and healing action.
  • Trehalose is a sugar found in plants, fungi and invertebrate animals, and used in cosmetics and personal care products as a flavouring agent and moisturizer. It is considered useful because of its rehydrating and water binding properties, as well as its antioxidant power
  • Vitamin E helps repair and improve the appearance of damaged tissue.
  • A good Coffee Bean Oil added to your daily moisturizer – paired with muscle building and improved diet – will help cellulite to diminish greatly.
  • Caffeine constricts blood vessels to reduce redness. This makes it an ideal treatment for facial flushing and rosaceae. When applied topically, caffeine works as a diuretic, aids in circulation and is also a powerful antioxidant.

They are also vegan friendly and they have been dermatologically and clinically tested by the independent test organisation BioBasic Laboratory.

Fragrance free or contain our light Materna Sensitive Fragrance™, making them suitable for use on the more sensitive areas of your body, and have been specially developed to minimise perfume intolerance.

Bemama UK products do not contain

  • Parabens
  • Artificial colourants
  • Alcohol
  • SLEs
the textures
Serum, body cream and Ultra Intensive cream.

Why use paraben free?

Parabens are a type of preservative, first introduced in the 1950s. They’re used to prolong shelf life in many health and beauty products by preventing the growth of mould and bacteria within them.

Parabens allow products to survive for months, even years, in our bathroom cabinet, however when you use these products, they can also enter your body through your skin.

Parabens are believed to disrupt hormone function by mimicking oestrogen. Too much oestrogen can trigger an increase in breast cell division and growth of tumours, which is why paraben use has been linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues.

Why use fragrance free?

Fragrance is added to many products so that they smell pleasant to the consumer or mask other unpleasant scents contained within a product. Fragrance can also be used in products to be mood-enhancing, invigorating, energizing, or soothing.

According to the FDA “some individuals may be allergic or sensitive to certain ingredients in cosmetics, food or other products, even if those ingredients are safe for most people. Some components of fragrance formulas may have a potential to cause allergic reactions or sensitivities for some people.”

Fragrance can affect certain skin types negatively but there ways to safeguard your skin from irritations. You will need to take some extra precautions if you have sensitive skin.

Fragrance can be an irritant and stimulates a release of inflammatory mediators leading to redness, itchy skin and sometimes hives. Not all fragrances cause irritation to the same degree.

Dry skin is definitely more susceptible to irritant reactions. If you are concerned, test a product on a small portion of your arm daily for one week. If you have no reaction, then you can use it on your face.

Whats SLEs?

SLES is an inexpensive and very effective foaming agent. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (commonly known as SLS) is a widely used and inexpensive chemical found in many mainstream personal hygiene products such as shampoos, toothpastes, mouthwashes, body wash, soaps, detergents and body wash , along with Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) and Ammonium Laurel Sulfate (ALS).

Why should we avoid artificial colours in skin care?

Artificial colours also increase the risk of irritation, sensitivity, blocked pores and breakouts from your skincare.

Just like old fashioned red cordial, artificial colours should be avoided in our skincare and make up. All the pantone-perfect pinks, greens, blues, purples and reds are too good to be true.

The problem is that synthetic colours are made from coal tar or petroleum which can be contaminated with heavy metals such as lead and arsenic.

If they are used in products which are left on the skin (like moisturisers) they can be absorbed into your body.

What is cellulite

The appearance of dimpled skin on the thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen of most woman and some men too. It is the result of uneven fat deposits under the skin’s surface, and while it’s not a serious medical condition it can be the cause of some serious insecurity and embarrassment, especially during warmer weather when the layers come off.


Summary of the BeMama UK range

Great coloured packaging!

The first product I was eager to try was the Ultra Intensive Flat Tummy cream

I’ve had three babies and also overweight so my stomach is like wobbly jelly or like glue that’s starting to setor maybe even cookie dough. So, naturally hearing of a product that could help flatten it I was intrigued!

The cream has Horse Chestnut, Vitamin E and Coffee Seed Oil and the aim on the packet it says is to tone, firm and sculpt!

The cream upon application heated everywhere it touched like a heat cream would – felt like it was doing its magic!

My experience of it was that it didn’t exactly sculpt (let’s face it I’m 3 and a half stone overweight I need a diet and there’s no miracle cream for that) but I did find my skin is a lot softer. I applied the cream twice a day to stomach and buttocks and the skin tone looks alot better, skin firmer and overall better tone.

One negative point is I found the heat of the product intense at times! I never had any skin reaction unless I had a hot bath and applied the cream after which I did on two occasions and the skin on my upper stomach flared up red – the bottle does note the redness is the product working but I hadn’t read that part so thought I had an adverse reaction! It may feel very tingly but the next day you will have such soft skin.

Exercise caution and don’t forget to patch test if your skin is frequently irritated or prone to breakout.

Lifting Serum for breasts and arms

I currently breastfeed so didn’t apply to the nipple area and had no adverse reaction but had soft skin. The serum has in it Vitamin E and Trehalose – was easy to apply, fragrance free, didn’t have any tingly effect, fast dried and moisturised me.

I enjoyed the cooling feel to it – a cryo Effect delivers a refreshing sensation on application – therefore a cooling effect “Cryo” acts through hypothermia which stimulates the lipolysis of adipocytes and micro-circulation. It tones tissues by cold-driven compaction, action that contributed to reducing the size of the treated area. It’s recommended for people with a significant amount of fatty tissue between the skin and muscle and if the area treated is extensive. It improves skin firmness and soothes vascular problems.

Intensive Body Cream

Probably my second favourite cream of them all as it feels so luxurious on the skin – it toned, softened and tingled on the skin slightly. Claims to help improve skin elasticity and suitable for use all over the body

I enjoy moisturisers and found this one was great to apply, sunk in well and lasted longer than the intensive flat tummy cream.


I’ve loved trying these products and I have smoother skin and with a mixture of cream and serum I felt as though my skin was getting great treatment – my legs mainly I saw results in a couple of days. The skin will look plumper and more ‘firm’ when it’s moist, not dry. Of course make sure you drink plenty to help nourish the body! 

I like the fact it’s vegan.

Skin very soft, feels very treated plus the arm and breast serum has a great rapid drying formula. For more information on how to tighten lose skin after pregnancy click here here to read an article on Livestrong.

Tips you can use to firm your Skin

Aside from using skin care and cosmetic products there are also other things you can (and should) be doing to help improve the quality of your skin. 

These tips should be combined with skin care products, and if you can’t afford skin tightening creams then you can at least start with these right away: 

  • Eat healthy – Lots of fruits and vegetables contain natural anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory vitamins
  • Avoid unnecessary sun damage (wear a large brimmed hat and always wear sun cream) – The sun is the #1 cause of photo-damage and aging among women
  • Hydrate with water every day – It’s suggested 8 glasses a day although more if you exercise regularly
  • Ensure that any skin care products you use are stored in an airtight container which is also protected from UV light and moisture (this will ensure that they remain active long term) – Oxidation and moisture can damage active ingredients in skin care products
  • Consider the use of bio-identical hormone therapy – Hormone therapy such as estrogen replacement (and progesterone replacement) can plump up the skin and reduce the signs of aging. If you are menopausal then you can discuss this option with your doctor. 
  • Get a deep sweat every week – Sweating naturally helps the body detoxify and promotes the elimination of by-products that can harm your skin.
  • Use a moisturizer daily – Moisturizing the skin will naturally help your skin look younger and help promote hydration

Remember that even if you do decide to use a skin firmer cream make sure that you also use these strategies as well. 



Where to buy

Bemama products are available at selected Boots stores and online.

How to contact them

They are available on social media – Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. but of course available to message on their site too.





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