Sunsense and Ego QV review plus about UV and suncare myths.

Today I’d like to put focus on some amazing sunscreen/suncream products from the brand Ego QV and SunSense!
In case you are not aware, SunSense is an Australian company founded in 1953, and has since then started selling products around the world.
In fact, in 1988 the company developed the world’s first cosmetically acceptable sunscreen offering broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, using physical protection blockers and UV absorbers. And it is not just an Australian family owned business, the products are also made in Victoria, in Australia.

About the summer of LUV 

What does LUV really mean? The word is about to take on a new meaning and sunscreen brand, SunSense, is ready to shout it from the rooftops, as skin cancer rates continue to soar in the UK.
The Facts
  • Skin cancer is set to cost the NHS £180m by 2020
  • UK deaths from melanoma have increased by 156% since the early 1970s
  • Overexposure to UV light from the sun / sunbeds are the main cause of skin cancer
  • Regular sunscreen may help to prevent melanoma
Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a known carcinogen and as a proven cause of cancer, SunSense believes that it’s time to change the meaning of the wordLUV to help educate the nation. This summer, SunSense will set out to spread the word of LUV and show people how a little ‘Less Ultra Violet’ will help to keep their skin protected.
The first phase of the campaign will begin at This Morning LIVE on 17th – 20th May, where SunSense will be asking visitors to step under a specialUV camera. The camera will reveal any sun damage that is invisible to the human eye, as well as showing how sunscreen helps to block harmful UV rays.
SunSense will continue to educate the British public throughout the summer, explaining, for example that there is no such thing as:
  • A once-a-day sunscreen
  • A waterproof sunscreen
  • Sunblock
  • Sweatproof sunscreen
The brand will also look to tell people what is good and bad about the sun, reassuring people that wearing sunscreen won’t result in vitamin D deficiency,as well as detailing how best to protect their skin from UV rays with tips on how to apply sunscreen:
  • Apply 20 minutes before exposure
  • Use over ½ teaspoon on arms, face / neck
  • Use over 1 teaspoon on legs, front and back of body
  • Apply every 2 hours, especially after swimming, exercising, sweating and towelling dry
SunSense will also reach out to healthcare professionals to arm them with the tools and resources they need to educate patients on sun protection,hosting Sun Awareness events and attending specialist exhibitions.
Made and tested in Australia, SunSense sunscreens provide the highest SPF available and offer both UVA and UVB protection. Now withover ten specially developed products available in the UK, there’s something for all ages and skin types, including sensitive skin and the delicate skin of young children.
SunSense is available on prescription in the UK or can be bought from independent pharmacies, John Lewis, Waitrose, Ocado, The Suncare Shop and Amazon.
Check out

What is UV?

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a type of energy produced by the sun and some artificial sources, such as solariums.

The sun’s ultraviolet radiation is the main cause of skin cancer.

UV damage also causes sunburn, tanning, premature ageing and eye damage.

UV radiation isn’t like the sun’s light or heat, which we can see and feel. Your senses cannot detect UV radiation, so you won’t notice the damage until it has been done.


I’ve been sent some great products to review by SUNSENSE in the form of Kids SPF 50 sample and full bottle Daily Face Tinted Moisturiser SPF 50 plus their ‘sister’ product Ego QV – cream, sensitive ointment, gentle wash, skin Lotion and bath oil samples.
Ego QV is Sunsenses sister range click this for more information on that range. 
SunSense has a range of high factor sun creams for everyone, including those in high-risk groups such as children, babies, skin cancer patients and eczema sufferers. Whether you’re looking for sunscreen for sensitive skin, the best anti ageing face creams or everyday sun protection.

Sunsense Daily Face – invisible Tint finish

SunSense Daily Face SPF 50+

This SPF 50+ facial sunscreen is ideal for all year round protection, for everyday use on the face and neck and chest. Contains Vitamin E to improve the appearance of age spots, makes fine lines and wrinkles look smoother, and improves skin’s elasticity.

Protection Level | 


I have found this product really great quality. Overall this is a nice sunscreen from an Australian company that has a high UV protection and is a good product to use to protect your skin from the harsh sun. It also has lots of positives such as it is moisturising and contain beneficial ingredients such as Nicotinamide and vitamin E.  I would recommend that this sunscreen is suitable to be used by everyone.
The suncream has a sheer tint to it but once applied to your skin the tint is invisible and you can’t see it.  I apply this product to my face than wait a couple of minutes for it to sink into my skin before applying the rest of my makeup which as this product makes my face shiny I add loose powder so the only negative is that the sunscreen claims to have a matte finish but I found it leaves my face shiny.
I also have used it on my neck area for extra protection from the sun and doesn’t make your face look ghostly white like other sunscreens can. 
This is my go to sunscreen in Summer because of its high  SPF 50+ protection and other benefits such as being oil free because my face tends to get sweaty in Summer (whose doesn’t?!) I like the handy container it comes in and it is easy to pop one into your handbag to reapply to your face during the day. 
This product is fragrance free (although has a slight sunscreen scent as expected)
This suncream is very light and has a thick ‘moisturising’ consistency for which I preferred compared to other thick sunscreens (which are hard to spread and blend evenly over your face) and found it very easy to apply to my skin.
You don’t need to use a lot to cover your entire face so would last for a while and is value for money. It also doesn’t clog my pores and I can use it daily without any irritating effects on my skin. 


Sunsense Kids UVA & UVB Broad Spectrum Lotion SPF50+

  • For delicate and sensitive skin, specially formulated for children
  • Light, smooth, non-greasy milk
  • Water resistant, blocks UV-A and UV-B rays
  • Dermatologically tested and tested to Australian standard
  • Manufactured to pharmaceutical standards.


It has been designed without irritating ingredients so it is particularly suitable for young kids’ delicate skin. It offers two hours waterproof UVA and UVB broad spectrum protection, and it comes in a handy little roll-on so you can easily carry it in your handbag and apply it to your kids’ skin as frequently as required.
It is a little thick but quickly absorbs into the skin without leaving it feeling greasy.
Great sun protection for babies and children from SunSense. The light and smooth formula is easy to apply, making it ideal for young, delicate skin and provides SPF 50+ protection with four hours’ water resistance so in the upcoming summer I feel secure knowing my babies won’t be getting burnt!

About Ego QV products

Australian made and owned, QV Skincare is a true Australian success story. Built on a foundation of hard work and innovative thinking, the gentle, pure formulations of QV Skincare has ensured that it has risen from humble origins to become one of Australia’s favourite skincare brands for all types of skin.
QV Skincare is the brainchild of Ego Pharmaceuticals (Ego), which was founded in 1953 by young chemist, Gerald Oppenheim, and his wife, Rae, a nurse. Together, they saw a need for low irritant skincare products to help restore and maintain healthy looking skin. It was this thought process that led to the birth of QV Skincare in 1975. With no soap, fragrance or other common irritants, QV Skincare supports the skin to naturally repair itself. Today, QV Skincare remains suitable for everyday use for everyone from babies or infants to the adults.
Check out  QV website for more info!!
Me showing you the different textures and qualities of the products.

All products are designed to:

  • Developed by dermatologists, QV is a gentle, soap -free cleansing & moisturising range formulated for everybody, everyday.
  • QV is suitable for newborn babies, the elderly, sufferers of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis & dermatitis.
  • Free from fragrance, colour, lanolin & proplene glycol.
  • Leaves the skin feeling soft & smooth, non greasy and wont block pores.


QV Intensive Ointment

  • Highly emollient balm, protects & soothes skin to promote healing, preservative & water free.

One of my favourites.

QV Gentle Wash

  • A mild, foaming cleanser for use in the shower or for hand washing, also removes make-up.

Great for children!

QV Cream

  • Highly concentrated, rich moisturising cream, ideal for areas of the skin that need extra hydration e.g knees and elbows.

The cream formula is thick but light and is easily absorbed it’s so moisturizing to be honest and it is not scented – it’s on the back of the tube that it’s suitable for infants and elderly and that it helps relieve dry skin and is suitable for use with eczema , dermatitis and psoriasis .. it also recommended to use it after shaving, showering, exposure to harsh chemicals and at night.

QV Bath Oil 

  • Disperses easily in water without leaving residue, safe non slip formula, ideal for moisturising large areas

QV Skin Lotion

  • A light, moisturising, all over body lotion. Easy to apply. Also removes make-up.

It helps moisturizing my skin really well so if you have dry skin this is the product for you.


Baby Winifred has tried the bath oil and bath wash.


So there you have it, a selection of sunscreens from Ego SunSense that covers the needs of the whole family when out and about in the harsh sun – check out the rest of their range, there are so many more products to pick from, so there’s sure to be some products that are perfect for you and your family too! 

There is a vast range for everyone and I have been using these samples on my four year old son, myself, my eldest and baby to moisturise alsorts from nappy rashes and general skin protection (my son reacts to chlorine too) and have found it’s a great product, doesn’t sting, no smell, no colour, sticks to skin well and doesn’t just wipe off with one swipe of the child’s hand. 

I really like the consistency of all products as shown in the image above.

Obviously everyone has different skin and will react according to that!

The intensive ointment is probably the favourite product in the samples I recieved of the QV range –  glycerol based seemed lighter and better suited for use as rubbed in so easily – cleared up my baby’s sore bum! (Also, if you get chub rub chafing it’s great for that)


Also been featuring it on my Instagram:

Tips for using sunscreen properly:

No sunscreen will give the protection it claims unless you apply it properly.

  • Use sunscreen together with shade and clothing to avoiding sunburn.
  • Don’t be tempted to spend longer in the sun just because you have sunscreen on.
  • Don’t store sunscreens in very hot places because this can ruin their protective chemicals.
  • Make sure you put enough sunscreen on – you need to cover yourself and your child thoroughly.
  • Reapply sunscreen regularly including ‘once a day’ and ‘water resistant’ products. Sunscreen can rub or wash off, especially after swimming or towelling dry.
  • Don’t forget to check the expiry date on your sunscreen. Most sunscreens have a shelf life of 2-3 years, shown on the label by a symbol of a pot with the letter M and a number – this is the number of months the sunscreen will last once it’s been opened. Check your sunscreen has not expired before you use it.

Does the brand of sunscreen make a difference?

Cancer Research UK states ‘(we do not) endorse any specific brand of sunscreens. All sunscreens use the same methods to determine how protective they are. This means that brand and price are less important than things like the SPF and star ratings, which tell you how much protection they offer.

(Read more here.)


Sunsense debunk myths

Myth: Sunscreen Stops You Getting Enough Vitamin D

Many people are aware that the best way to protect your skin from the potentially harmful effects of the sun is to wear sunscreen on exposed skin every day. People who argue against wearing sunscreen everyday sometimes cite vitamin D deficiency among their reasons for not creaming up before they leave the house.

But, is it true that we’re all going to return to the bad old days of widespread instances of rickets if we wear sunscreen on a daily basis? The short answer is: no.

Whilst it is true that vitamin D is produced when the skin is exposed to UVB rays, all of these rays are not absorbed by sunscreen[2]. It takes only a short amount of time for the skin to reach saturation point, where no more vitamin D is made from exposure to sunlight. This means that those who regularly wear sunscreen still get sufficient sunlight exposure to produce the vitamin D their body needs, whilst also protecting their skin from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays.

 (Read more here)

Look after your skin this summer!

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  1. We use sunsense for our 8yo because she’s allergis to every other suncream. It’s very affordable (because you can’t put a price on skincare especially for our children!) and I thought it was really really runny the first time we use it but soon got used to it. I always make sure we’re stocked up just in case! Thanks for a great review and for linking up to #AllSortsofBlogs

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