MyHummy – Bluetooth vs non Bluetooth review


First of all I’ll go through with you what is, how it’s good, how it isn’t and what we’ve tried!

It is a bear with white noise! Quite an easy description but there’s more to it. It’s combined the idea of having a teddy as a comforter and with something that already helps them sleep in regards to the white noise – a teddy.

It simply plays white noise for an hour, then gradually quietens down before stopping. If it picks up a slight noise, then it will resume with the white noise so basically it’s listening out for your baby to see if they’re stirring and tries to help them get back to sleep. You can have it in 12 hour mode that way you don’t have to risk your baby waking when the white noise shuts off, however, it’s all down to what works for you.

NEW OUT – there are now new models of MyHummy that feature Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to use myHummy with a free mobile App!

Some of the additional functions available through the free app

  • Use your phone as a remote control for myHummy
  • Adjust the volume
  • Control the duration of sound
  • Switch the Sleep Sensor on and off
  • Use Alarm Mode to send notifications to a phone when baby starts to whimper or cry (within Bluetooth range)


The noise comes from the ‘heart’ placed inside the teddy bear!



For a demonstration off the app plus the sounds click here – its recommended you use a phone but I used a tablet to download the app.

The white noise sounds of myHummy are electronically generated which allows for longer battery life and also for the continuity of sound – so to some they may think it’s tinny although I don’t.




White noise refers to sounds that mask other sounds that might occur naturally in an environment. If you live in a by a main round, like we do for example, white noise could help block out noises associated with traffic.

Specific sounds might be used to help encourage sleep regardless of environmental noises. Click here for white noise mistakes people make!

Examples include rainforest or soothing beach sounds! Let’s start with looking at it from baby’s perspective. They’ve just spent their entire life in the womb – the womb is loud. It is just slightly less loud than a lawnmower. Loud is normal to a baby. Life outside the womb is uncomfortably quiet.

White noise sounds like ‘home’ to a baby.

The pros of white noise for babies

1.Babies may be able to fall asleep faster with white noise in the background.

2. White noise can block out household noise such as older siblings (next joke!)

3. MyHummy infant white noise machines have a heartbeat setting mimicking the mother, which is comforting for babies.


The cons of white noise for babies

1.White noise machines may exceed recommended noise limits for babies.

2. Babies can become dependent on white noise machines to be able to fall asleep.

3. Not all babies respond well to white noise.


my nephew
My newborn nephew is the same size!!




Whether it’s a surprise, or you just like to keep the colour scheme neutral, at myHummy we offer a selection of unisex baby gifts. Surprise new parents with a truly special present and give them the gift of a good night’s sleep.

Baby sleep aid - myHummy Sleepy Head Ecru White

myHummy Snoozy Ecru white noise toy









MyHummy teddy bears are truly unique creatures. Whatever your style, you’ll find your baby’s first teddy – click on the link above for more of their styles!

myHummy Ash APP

myHummy Pearl App

myHummy Filbert App

myHummy - white noise teddy bear - Filbert

myHummy - White Noise Toy - Fleur


The Snoozy comes in five colours: pink, blue, green, grey and ivory – it emits 5 types of white noise resembling: a hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, ocean waves, rainfall and amniotic fluid with heartbeat.

MyHummy Snoozy white noise toys are cute and practical. You can attach them to a cot, car seat or a buggy and babies love playing with ball-shaped objects and especially enjoy chomping on Snoozy’s paws!


Match a blanket to your myHummy for an extra ‘instagrammable’ look!

The blankets are super soft that come in two sizes: baby and junior. Luxury warm blankets can double as a play mat, while their light blankets are perfect as a more light-weight cover for a baby or toddler.

We received the Luxury warm blanket in Mint Green – the quality is beautiful, the texture is great for babies and it’s so soft! There is no downside to these blankets if I’m honest minus the fact my eldest who is nearly eight wanted one but too small.

10/10 would recommend the blankets – I’ve used the one we received ever since!

myHummy light baby blanket greyLight Blanket (multiple colours) £19.99

myHummy luxury warm minky blanket  grey
Luxury Warm Blanket (multiple colours) – £24.99

MyHummy Royal Blanket image 1

Royal Blanket £24.99




Every myHummy can be washed in a washing machine after removing the sound unit from the zip pocket. MyHummy is made of certified materials suitable from birth.



What did we get?!


Introducing Ash and Pearl!

First lets talk about the bluetooth ‘heart’ version!

I personally love this version and feel it’s such a better option because of more of control for the adult.

I added the Bluetooth heart to Pearl for my baby.
myHummy Pearl White Noise Teddy Bear


  1. Bluetooth is simpler to set up and doesn’t use up much power. It’s easy to pair the devices in order to make use of all these cool features! First, make sure that the Bluetooth functionality is enabled and active on both devices.
  2. Ultimate control from another room whether to turn on or off.
  3. Can control the sound.
  4. Responds quickly.


  1. Battery power – if your phone or tablet dies you can’t control the sound or noise.
  2. Costs more – parents have budgets!
  3. More fuss – by this I mean you want to get the child/baby to sleep do you want to be messing about logging onto the app, connecting it and then finding what you want.


My preschooler son prefered the non-bluetooth as he had the power to turn on/off when he chose!

I added the non bluetooth heart to Ash for my preschooler.
myHummy Ash White Noise Teddy Bear


  1. Easy to use – you click the button once for a longer period of time than you do click to change the sound (if that makes sense!) Basically – click to turn on, click to change the sound, click to turn off.
  2. Great to take anywhere.
  3. Has all the variations of sound on a low level (a hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, ocean waves, rainfall, and amniotic fluid with heartbeat)
  4. Cheaper.
  5. Still has sleep Sensor enter a stand-by mode in which the sound comes on again if the baby starts to stir or if there is an increase in the background noise.


  1. To turn the non-stop mode on click the button three times quickly. You’ll hear a ‘beep’ that confirms the change. To turn the non-stop mode off, switch myHummy off by pressing the button for about 1 second. After myHummy is turned on again, it will revert back to to the Sleep Sensor mode – only a con because you may disturb the baby messing with it.


Filbert – with App (Bluetooth) – £79.99
Ash – £59.99
Fleur – with App (Bluetooth) – £79.99
Filbert – £59.99

Fleur – £59.99

Pearl – with App (Bluetooth) – £79.99
Ash – with App (Bluetooth) – £79.99
Snoozy: Mint Green – £49.99
Snoozy: Ecru White – £49.99
Snoozy: Slate Grey – £49.99

Sleepy Head: Ecru White – £39.99



That all depends on what you want and require! The bluetooth has such a variety of options – the sound, variation, alarm, sensor – so for me yes definitely worth it!

It is worth noting that all of the bears do the same thing (you can only use the app with the bluetooth versions though), so you are ultimately paying extra for the design and size of the bear.

Do you have to go with the teddy bear? No. You can get the Sleepy Head. Which is slightly cheaper at £39.99. The only real difference between the two is that the teddy is a teddy. Sounds pretty obvious, but that’s it. The Sleepy Head is more for attaching to a cot or wherever they sleep. 

The sounds resemble: amniotic fluid with heartbeat, ocean waves, rainfall, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner. The ultimate goal is that the sounds are very effective at helping babies sleep, they may sound very similar to us but your baby will soon find their favourite!


At the end of the day, it all comes down to whether white noise actually works. I can confirm that it does in fact help with sleep. My children find the noise relaxing even my eldest as at night it gives them something to focus on and due to my baby already associating white noise with sleep its great.

Remember that babies who wake up at night, especially those under 6 months, likely have a discomfort that needs to be alleviated, therefore, it’s not always reasonable to expect young babies to sleep solidly through the night without needing a feed, a nappy change or some comforting.


If you’ve never used white noise before for aiding with sleep, then chances are this will take a little bit longer for the association to be built but it should come. I think people are too quick to put down a product like this because they don’t see immediate results. I understand, it can be frustrating when you pay all that money and don’t get any quick benefits. You just have to give it time and if you do then there’s a strong chance you can reap the rewards.

If you’re still unsure, then simply try your baby with white noise via your phone and see how it goes, then maybe you can invest in something like this if you feel like it works.


  1. Baby’s safety is top priority and MyHummy toys have undergone rigorous testing to comply with the strictest EU requirements.
  2. Stating the obvious – my children love it.
  3. Quick shipping.
  4. Great quality.
  5. The company are very friendly.
  6. Even my eldest likes it and she’s nearly eight.


  1. If the batteries get low it only stays on around 10 minutes however, with decent batteries it’s ok.
  2. White noise might be a temporary solution for sleep time, but it isn’t a cure all method for babies. A lack of feasibility and consistency in white noise, combined with potential hazards, can make it more problematic than it’s worth for your baby.


The MyHummy worked great for us and I think the best feature is that it turns back on if they stir or if there is an increase in background noise – this immediately sets the MyHummy bear apart from its competitors, as the sound duration never tends to last longer than 30 minutes with the others.

Other white noise toys I have seen also need to be manually turned on, however I know that I am able to activate the MyHummy bear from other areas of the house using the app!

It’s been so difficult to decide which ‘heart’ is better due to the fact they both have their great features however, if push came to shove I would actually go for the bluetooth due to the fact you have variation of sound AND you can control how long it plays for – it doesn’t have to be an hour it’s on!

The transferring of the heart has great advantages too as you can clean the bear when you want.



For a parent with a newborn baby in the household, sleep can seem like only a dream. Even if you’re past the waking up every few hours for feedings phase, your baby might still have some trouble falling (or staying) asleep.

To help your baby sleep better at night, pediatricians often recommend relaxing activities, such as warm baths. But when nothing seems to work, parents might turn to alternative measures like white noise.

Talk to your GP or Health Visitor if your baby is having trouble sleeping on their own as they age.

Disclaimer – I’ve been sent these products to review but all opinions and experiences are my own. No affiliate links.

You can catch them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and their website!


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  1. I like the control that comes with the Bluetooth version – it’s a great idea. They never had anything like this when my two were small babies – it might have helped on some nights when I was too tired to think straight! #SnappedUp

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  2. Sleep is so random! Sometimes the smallest noise can wake them or they can sleep through anything! We are never too quiet while the children are sleeping and I think it helps to make noise normal so this looks like a great thing for parents to try. Thanks for linking with #globalblogging

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  3. Great idea, if a little unusual. That’s what is brilliant about your review, you can actually get a better understanding of a new concept and see if its right for you:)

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  4. What gorgeous teddy bears! I love the idea of these, especially being able to turn on a heart beat sound. These would be brilliant to help soothe little ones that find it hard to fall asleep. Thanks for joining us for the #dreamteam linky.

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  5. we’ve got some of these heading our way and I’m so excited to try them!!! The boys arent settling til late and I’m getting a bit fed up of not getting to sleep until midnight. Thanks for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales, look forward to seeing you back next week!

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  6. I wish I’d bought this for my first (he’s now 2) as I think it’s a better concept than Ewan which is what we had and he worked but the bears look like they would be easier to hold.

    Although I’m glad I didn’t buy this for my second because white noise just didn’t work for him which I found out after buying Ollie the Owl. I wish I’d never bothered!

    If I ever have a third, I think I will probably go with a MyHummy! XX

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