Frezyderm – sampling their suncare!

I’ve been sent five 2ml samples from Frezyderm to review!

  1. Sunscreen Velvet Face SPF 50+ – second skin
  2. Sunscreen Velvet Face SPF 50+ – color second skin
  3. Baby Sun Care SPF 25
  4. Infant Sun Care SPF 50
  5. Kids Sun Care SPF 50





An innovative, transparent sun protection face cream with unique cosmetic behavior that spreads evenly with one touch. Thanks to the revolutionary Second Skin Technology innovation, its unique formula leaves a velvety feel on the skin, offers a matte appearance for 6 hours, absorbs sebum and softens the appearance of wrinkles. Its clear, non oily texture leaves no white tint and makes an excellent makeup base. Prevents signs of photo aging and protects against discolouration caused by sun exposure.

– Velvety feeling
– Matte finish for 6 hours, absorbs excess oil and sebum
– Softens the appearance of wrinkles
– Leaves no white tint
– Water resistant
– Allows skin to breathe
– Non-oily texture


Not only is this great protection from the sun, but it’s a great primer too! It has a velvet finish, and makes a perfect matte base which foundation sits perfectly on top. It’s even waterproof! This is especially great for those who have oily skin, as this is designed to absorb oil, so those with oily skin, this is definitely worth a try!

Parabens and fragrance free and non comedogenic.

This applies so easily and isn’t messy. As soon as you apply it you can feel the velvety formula, and as I said before it absorbs oils.  If you’re after a sunscreen that will also blur imperfections and soften the appearance of wrinkles then this does just that! I also think this will travel really well, as you can lock the top by twisting it.

This product is great, especially for those that like multipurpose products, as not only does this protect you from the sun, it’s also a primer too! This costs £17.50 which I don’t think is too bad considering all of the amazing qualities it has.


spf 50
I genuinely love this product! So smooth plus it works!



A velvety tinted, transparent facial sunscreen that melts into the skin. The cream provides very high protection from the sun and an even colour tone. The tint covers discolouration, scars and skin imperfections. While the revolutionary Second Skin Technology creates the feeling of an invisible ‘second skin’. This leaving the skin feeling velvety, provides a matte finish and softens the appearance of wrinkles. The cream also prevents signs of photoageing caused by sun exposure. The tint matches with all skin tones to offer perfect, discreet coverage and a flawless, even complexion. 

Discreet, light coverage

– Velvety feeling
– Matte finish for 6 hours, absorbs excess oil and sebum
– Softens the appearance of wrinkles
– Water resistant
– Allows skin to breathe
– Non-oily texture


I tried the Velvet Face Color SPF 50 for the first time with trepidation. Having such pale skin means the idea of a one tone suits all scared me off, even a squeeze on the back of the hand is a little intimidating – it looks dark! Didn’t burn my face at the beach, great texture however slightly too dark for me. Also Parabens and fragrance free and non-comedogenic.

So what does non-comedogenic mean?

Non comedogenic indicates that a product has been formulated to avoid causing clogged pores. Generally non-comedogenic products will be oil-free. It is important to note however that while these products do not claim to cure or treat acne-prone skin, they make sure the formulations won’t block your pores which can be one of the main causes of spots, making it an ideal formulation in the quest to prevent spots occurring in the first place.

Comedogenic products and acne-prone skin

Whilst all ingredients used in cosmetics are safe, everyone’s skin is different and those with acne-prone skin sometimes need to be stricter with what they use. Avoiding comedogenic formulations could help to cut down the amount of oil that sits on the surface of your skin. Whilst oils are great for the skin, if you already have oily skin it’s probably a good idea to look for an oil-free formulation. This will help to manage your skin’s needs.

Adult cream
Adult Cream.




Sunscreen lotion for face and body, for babies, only with natural filters. Enriched with Vitamin E and Panthenol, it is specially formulated to respect the physiology of sensitive baby skin. It also shields the DNA of skin cells and offers protection from free radicals caused by external factors, such as the sun and air pollution.

It is water-resistant and ideal for babies and children as well as those who have a genetic predisposition for eczema or are intolerant to organic sun filters.


When I opened the packet I immediately noticed how thick it was – like thick thick! I applied it to my baby, took longer to sink in and left a shine however it worked and she wasn’t burnt. Great it’s fragrance and parabens free. 


Sunscreen lotion for toddlers, offering very high sun protection, using only inorganic filters. When applied, it creates a water-resistant protective blue film, that indicates the precise area of application. Its enriched formula, with chamomile, protects against dehydration and irritation. The blue tint is instantly absorbed and leaves no blue or white tint.


Also fragrance and parabens free! This cream is non greasy and easily absorbed. It contains no parabens, colour or fragrance. I do like a fragrance sometimes, it’s quite nice when it reminds you of summer, beach and far away lands! If you like it all natural, then this is a good one to go for. It claims to use only natural blockers, but I don’t know which of the ingredients that is.


This very high factor sunscreen provides effective, water resistant protection and is ideal for children with sensitive skin or skin conditions. It delivers long-lasting, continuous protection against UV rays and other environmental pollution. It shields the DNA and strengthens its repair mechanisms. It protects against photoimmunosupression and provides effective antioxidant protection.


The FrezyDerm’s Kids Suncare SPF50+ Sun Lotion For Kids has a wonderful high-end smell and even though it seemed creamy thick, the lotion sunk into my skin rapidly leaving a nice high sheen which glistened in the sun.  Its enriched with Chamomile oil to sooth little ones too. You could see a shimmer on the skin and this is reassuring for my mummy to see it on my pale skin.

Specially formulated, containing a low percentage of zinc oxide to reduce irritation and rash which is good for us! Parabens and fragrance free too.

They currently have a quiz on for ‘how summer savvy are you’ go enter! Click here!

FrezyDerm Product Range



According to Frezyderm, there are 5 mistakes that are commonly made when thinking about Baby sun care:

  • Only applying sun cream outdoors – it needs time to soak into the skin
  • Letting newborns face direct sunlight (for vitamin D) – they get enough through breastmilk or formula
  • Only wearing sunscreen on bright days – UV rays penetrate through the clouds
  • Not giving your baby sunglasses – they need eye protection too
  • Using a low SPF – at least SPF 25 should be used.


Can buy on Amazon, PharmedeneBay plus more and you can also locate them on social media like TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

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  1. I also use sun protection as I am out in it alot. I like the sound of the tinted one especially for later in the afternoon if I was meeting up with people and had my make up on. During the day the one without would be my choice. Thanks so much for sharing all these different varieties.

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