Organix – new finger foods!

This week has been ‘National Picnic Week’ and ‘Organix’ have sent me some free goodies to try for my partially Baby Led Weaning baby (BLW) – which is relaxed and unstructured approach is based on baby being offered solid foods for them to feed themselves, with no help from an adult and the foods would usually be soft pieces held in the hand, rather than being offered on a spoon so manageable chunks of different family foods are put onto baby’s plate or a tray, a baby can then feed themselves how and what they want. 

So, what better way to spend a lovely British summer day then in a lovely location with the family, playing games and tucking in to a picnic and this week was also my sisters baby shower! National picnic week celebrates all those memories and images of blue skies, green grass, blankets and hampers of food. Set between 15-24 June 2018 National Picnic Week is an opportunity to share all your tips and recipes which go towards making the perfect picnic!

Organix goodies

Being an Organix fan from my first child (who is nearly eight) and my second child (who is now four) – it was only natural my third baby (nearly seven month old, and the recommended weaning age) to start trying their products. I was so happy when they said they’d send me some new products – their bundle box consists of two single packets Organix Finger Foods pea puffs, one packet Organix Finger Foods Cheese Baby Biscuits and a one of each packet Banana & Cocoa, Coconut & Cocoa and Cocoa fruit & Seed Bites! (Great selection for picnicking!) They all have recommended age limits, a heap load of information on colourful packages PLUS the obvious a NO JUNK promise! They also sent a multipack packet Cheese & Onion Lentil Hoops (over 65% lentils) and a multipack Banana Puffcorn – each containing FOUR packets to GIVEAWAY! Free!


Fruit and Seed Bites – Organic coconut & cocoa fruit & seed bites containing organic dates and prunes blended with dried coconut, sunflower seeds and cocoa
Always organic
Nothing unnecessary
Contains naturally occurring sugars
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Our delicious fruit & seed bites are made from 100% organic fruit blended with dried coconut, sunflower seeds and cocoa, squished into fun, bite sized cubes.
Organix wants a world where healthy nutritious food is a real choice for everyone. 


finger foods
Cheese Baby Biscuits – 9 biscuits per pack. Vegetarian. 54g pack. Gluten ingredients  Wheat Dairy ingredients. Say’s 10 month+ but my almost 7 month old ate it so well – it crumbles, easy to hold and definitely would recommend.


Pea puffs
Finger Food Pea Puffs – Organic baked green pea and corn snack.


Made with 80% peas Gluten free Suitable for vegetarians Suitable for vegans – easily to suck and dissolve and I love the fact it has vegetable in!!

‘In a chunky shape for little fingers to grab hold of and with a crispy texture that dissolves on the tongue, our organic pea puffs are a tasty finger food for little ones on their first tastes adventures. Organix wants a world where healthy nutritious food is a real choice for everyone. We’re committed to setting standards in our foods and never adding anything unnecessary. It’s our No Junk Promise. They campaign for better food choices because they want the best for you and your family every step of the way.’



First impression of the ‘Pea Puffs’ which is amazingly 80% peas! At first she wasn’t impressed with a new taste but soon loved them and I feel happier knowing it isn’t full of rubbish additives.


All their ingredients easily on the back!

It’s said it’s safer for your baby if you wait until they are six months old to introduce them to solids as there is less chance of them picking up an infection from food, as their digestive system is more mature and having a bad reaction to food, as their immune system is stronger. If you feel your baby is ready for solids earlier than six months, it’s worth offering them more of their usual milk first although every baby is different and I feel a parent does know what their child requires but always best to have guidelines. If you do decide to start your baby on solids between four and six months, it’s safest not to give them foods they could react to and these foods could be – 

  • Cow’s milk and dairy products, particularly soft or unpasteurised cheeses.
  • Anything with gluten.
  • Citrus fruits and juices.
  • Fish and shellfish.
  • Eggs.
  • Liver.
  • Soya.
  • Nuts, peanuts and nut or peanut products.



With Organix they have a #nojunk food promise and they are passionate that they take more care with how we’re feeding our children – from paying close attention to food labelling, to making sure that children have a clear understanding about the food they eat, and of course minimising the amount of junk in their diets!

The Fruit and Seed bites recommended age is 12+ month plus but my baby gave it a sample (my four year old actually loved them!) The Organix website has a whole range of finger foods for 6 month+ plus a heap load of advice just click here to find out what! 

From 6 months

Baby can
Sit supported
Hand movement
Grasps food in the palm of their hand
Uses a raking scooping hand movement
Co-ordinates hand to eye
Takes food directly to the mouth
Finger foods to try
Avocado, banana
Soft cooked veg and fruit slices/pieces e.g. sweet potato slices, cooked carrot batons, apple pieces



Organix porridge
I’ve also bought their Organix porridges such as this one! 


They have developed an organic baby porridge to be a smooth first step to solid food. It’s light, fluffy and deliciously creamy when mixed with milk, and perfect for tiny tummies an with real banana and mango, all the flavour just comes from the fruit with no added sugar, artificial flavours or sweeteners!

Suitable for a lower age limit o from 4 months! Guidelines on the box!

Preparation and usage –

  1. Pop 2 level tbsp of porridge into baby’s bowl.
  2. Add 6 tbsp of baby’s usual milk, cold or warmed.
  3. Mix well and serve within 30 mins (thickens over time).
  4. If serving warm, check the temperature before feeding. This is only a guide and you know your baby best, so add more milk or porridge if your baby prefers a slightly different consistency or is hungrier.


Bought this for an amazing price at Aldi for ONLY 49p! 


Winnie LOVES and it’s a great weaning tool. Organic baby biscuits containing wheat flour, banana juice, grape juice and added vitamin B1. Amazing for learning to feed themselves.



Picnicking is a well known staple activity of socializing (so are baby showers) from casual lunches and barbecues with close friends and colleagues to a long day out for a family reunion (or in my case hanging with my children) picnics provide an easy going environment to catch up and entertain all kinds of company! Spending time outdoors, basking in nature, breathing fresh air and enjoying a great view. The pure air invigorates you and leaves you feeling rejuvenated. Family bonding – spending time with family and friends is always a great bonding experience as staying engaged can help build stronger bonds and foster warmth, security and love, as well as feelings of belonging and enables communication since picnics often take place in warm environments, the tendency to participate in relaxing small talk is high and simply keeping updated on what is going on in other people’s lives and learning what their plans can improve relationships. 

Picnics can also encourage healthy eating habits as meals prepared and eaten at home are usually more nutritious and healthy than eating out and particularly so for when you bring food for a picnic, by this I mean the typical portrait of picnics present a wicker basket full of fruitsvegetables, dairy and grains and these foods provide nutrients such as fiber, calcium and essential vitamins (just like Organix!)


The weather this week has been lovely – we’ve been out and about in the sunshine – hope you have too! Hope you’ve enjoyed my blog piece today, feel free to leave a comment and even participate in the giveaway when it’s live if you like what you’ve read about this product!

Best wishes, Bryony – Perfectly Imperfect Mama xx


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  1. I will have to give these a go for my baby who just turned 6 months. We are giving BLW a go and so far he is loving it. #SnappedUp


  2. What a lovely review! We are big fans of Organix and used lots of their products during little buttons weaning stage. The finger foods are so tasty and brilliant for when you are on the go, like at a picnic. Enjoy! Thanks for joining us for the #dreamteam xx

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  3. My daughter has tried and loved some Organix things; must see if she likes the pea one as she doesn’t like peas with dinner… 😊#LGRTstumble

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love them! And not because a couple of times I have bought the “chips” for my kids and ate them all myself in a eating rage. Whoops.
    They are really good! Here in Finland I can find only some of their products in grocery chains (like Lidl), I hope they’ll expand the local offer soon! #LGRTStumble

    Liked by 1 person

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