Tried and tested beauty products – is expensive really the better choice?

What's in my boxes!!? What have I got, used and tried? Well, I'll tell you some below, just read on my friend! (Please note: I'm not a beautician or done any courses in it that much is obvious - I'm just trying products to make myself feel better and sharing it) I've been sampling both... Continue Reading →


Tried and tested toys my kids enjoy from 0 to 8.

First of all, I'll add that each toy has a different design and usage for different ages, safety and development so every child is unique and will eventually be able to do things when they are able to. I've just compiled some of the toys we have used that they enjoy just in case anyone... Continue Reading →

Domestic abuse.

 Guidance and advice Difficult to write about or admit so this may be written haphazardly as I type my confessions to the keyboard but I've experienced forms of abuse from the age of 18 (there's several forms of course) with the opposite sex and it's left me untrusting and with a humour as dark... Continue Reading →

Talks on toilet training

Issues I came across with my second child were fear of pooing on the toilet but if your child seems genuinely uninterested in learning to use the toilet they may not be ready to do it! Does your child know what a toilet is for? Can they stay dry for at least two hours at a time? Can... Continue Reading →

Interview with a ‘non binary’ brain injury survivor.

Today is the 11th March 2018, Mothers Day to some yet to others it marks a more poignant and bitter sweet day - it marked the 3 year anniversary of a long time friend of mine named Marti who is non binary - which is an umbrella term for all gender identities - who lives with his girlfriend (and pets) in the UK but even more special is he is someone who had brain surgery, limited chances of survival but despite the odds lived. He's also started to talk about his life and share himself with the world - which is both brave and incredible and in this blog post will be touching on a couple of subjects important to him.

Some meal ideas for kiddywinks!!

I've come to the conclusion after a long time of feeding children that quite frankly they suck! Also, that instagram and Pinterest lie to you. You cannot spend every second of the day making fancy food to show off on your fancy social media. I used to once feel that pressure to be the perfect... Continue Reading →

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